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Serving Students in Nashville & Middle Tennessee


At Kehilla High School, we believe in nurturing curiosity, creativity, and a sense of responsibility in all our students, regardless of their background or faith. Our goal is to shape graduates who not only possess knowledge but also embrace humility, openness, and a genuine desire to make a positive impact on the world.


Our graduates step confidently into their futures, armed with a unique blend of skills, experiences, and attitudes. Alongside a challenging academic curriculum, our students develop a strong foundation in ethics and morality. Through hands-on projects, community involvement, and connections with leaders and organizations, they refine their individual talents and abilities.



Welcome to Kehilla High School, the newest independent high school in Greater Nashville, and the only Jewish high school in Middle Tennessee,  open to families of all faith backgrounds.

We are proud to offer a unique school experience in our welcoming and diverse community. We are committed to providing an exceptional education in both General and Judaic studies, while creating a strong sense of community and intellectual growth.


Stefanie DeLeo Christian

Lead English and History Teacher

Stefanie DeLeo Christian.png
Ron Heady.png

Ron Heady


Shira Sackett.png

Shira Sackett

Lead Math and Science Teacher

Michael Shulman

Human Geography, Ethics

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