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Rooted in centuries of Jewish learning, Kehilla High School cultivates intellectual curiosity, creative thinking, and social responsibility within our students of all faiths and backgrounds so that they may graduate with the humility, openness, and desire to make the world a better place.

Graduates of Kehilla High School step into the liminal space leading to their future with a unique set of skills, experiences, and attitudes. In addition to a challenging academic curriculum, the students also have a secure grounding in ethics and morality. These Kehilla High School students have had multiple opportunities both inside and outside the walls of the classroom to demonstrate their mastery of the specific learning standards of their courses as well as the ideas and values embodied in their courses of study. Individual and collaborative projects, participation in various opportunities provided by the Nashville community, and connections with leaders, professionals, organizations, and institutions have empowered the graduates to strengthen and refine the ways they manifest their individual talents and skills.


Unique among Jewish independent schools, Kehilla High School has always been home to students of diverse faith backgrounds. Jewish students have followed the outlines of the Yeshiva curriculum, while those not of Jewish faith have studied the history and traditions of Western faith traditions, examining and analyzing the similarities and differences among the three major Abrahamic religions. All students have centered their high school experience around the values of learning, building community, and perseverance. Mirroring and modeling their aspirations for students, the staff of the school continually strives to identify, nurture, and strengthen the potential and talent of each student. The school has always emphasized the importance of demonstrating advancement towards mastery, fully cognizant and respectful of individual differences in the time and the ways in which students learn.


One of the founders’ goals in establishing the school was that it would become a “shining light” in Nashville and that that “light” would be fueled by the students’ “burning passion” for learning. Kehilla High School is proud that the beam of this shining light guides students to the next phase of their lives as prepared, productive citizens.

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