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Kehilla High School is proud to offer an ever-expanding array of extracurricular activities for our students.  These programs are designed to help our students grow as individuals, deepen their knowledge and skills, and develop a sense of community and belonging.


Below is a list of some of the extracurricular activities available to KHS students:


Debate Team

The KHS debate time is composed of students who learn to research, think, and speak effectively on serious topics. Students participate in competitions for which they research and prepare arguments on an assigned topic. Public speaking skills, collaboration, meeting deadlines, and reasoning abilities are strengthened through participation on Debate Team.


Chess Club

The KHS chess club welcomes all students who are interested in chess, from beginner to advanced. Students in The Club play chess against their peers in an organized setting. During meetings, students learn strategies that will help them improve their game.    

Music Ensemble

Students who enjoy music and play a musical instrument may perform in KHS Music ensemble. The Ensemble performs music from the Baroque, Classical, and Romantic eras, as well as American folk music, standards, and Jewish celebratory music.  During rehearsals, students gain experience working with and performing with other student musicians. Students are expected to practice each week at home.  The group performs at events in and around the community.

Drama Club (in conjunction with JMS)

In Drama Club, students study acting methodology, script/character analysis, directing techniques, set/light design, theatrical protocol, mime, and improvisation. The students then work hard to put on both a late fall and early spring production for the community.

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